The Crucifixion of Mediocrity

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So, for the past few days I’ve been thinking what it is that I could share with Christians looking to go into business. I then quickly remembered the burdens I’ve carried for quite a while when observing Christians and the abuse of grace that surpasses the disappointment of power cuts in Africa.
It is without doubt that we are ALL aware that on a global scale, Christians, more particularly born-again Christians are far off the radar of ‘The most successful entrepreneurs on earth’, YES, the same earth we so boastingly tell the entire world was created by OUR God. Then the rest of the world looks at you like “Well, if your God created it all, WHY have you been struggling for the past 10 years?”

Plain and simple, we have somehow gotten it into our minds that God is sitting on standby waiting to quickly pull us out of pits we have been fully equipped to handle. The struggle should not always be credited to demonic attacks, but some of the things we go through are brought about by our OWN lack of integrity. A lack that the great ‘I AM’ can fix, but silent pride in most Christians prevents this. Trust me, I’ve been there!

I’m reminded of events that I’ve observed both in my life and the lives of others, like praying asking God for the landlord to somehow ‘FORGET’ that you’re meant to pay rent? Or wait; pray for the exam results to miraculously output 100 times more than the input?  The LIE is that ‘God is waiting to pull you out because He’s our butler & pays no mind to principles’, the TRUTH however is that if you’re still at this point, you have a serious LACK OF INTEGRITY, & the longer this situation remains, you fall behind whilst the world progresses.

Mediocrity in Christian businesses MUST be crucified!

ACCOUNTABILITY is the rock GOD is calling you to in order for Him to enter into a covenant with you. Your business needs to be covenanted with God. If you want to establish a business or anything else for that matter, it has to be built on a solid rock (Matt7:24-27), not lies and hallucinations.

Though we are all works in progress, it is IMPERATIVE to always be open to correction, never get to a point where you know too much to be taught. So what has this got to do with entrepreneurship you ask? Everything! For every place God will release you to, you need to be trusted in ministering to those you’ll encounter in partnership with the Holy Spirit. To minister isn’t only standing at the pulpit in a church building with a Microphone in your hand and a Bible in front of you, to minister goes beyond words, but it is CONDUCT! How you run your business, is ministering, how you treat your clients & employees, is ministering, so when you pray that the landlord forgets, WHAT are you ministering? To whom will this testimony give life?

Let me put it plainly, He is a God of order, He pays for what He orders and not what you dictate to Him, He’s no respecter of persons (Rom.2:11). He is a God of principles, that’s why His principles EVEN at the hands of non-believing businesses people still WORK.

Psalm 8:9 speaks of a God of excellence! He has graced you for the entrepreneurship journey that you may showcase His excellence, not what the world understands excellence to be, but excellence not yet explored that can only be imparted from seeking Him more. Now, WHICH non-believer can compete with you if God’s excellence is imparted to you? The Lord Almighty is looking for a vessel to avail itself and say “Send me Lord”, because you see, business is ministry! And God is looking for ministers to place in this sphere and help rehabilitate the African continent. Are you willing? Can you be trusted?
Do you have INTEGRITY?

Written by Pearl Maphumulo( 2015 African Achievers Awards Nominee)

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