How to Serve God Right

Remember the day(s), weeks or months you got born again? Those days when you realized how hugely precious salvation was?

I remember those days like it was only yesterday. I was so eager to share the gospel with every person. My Facebook and Twitter timelines were all about the Gospel. But it was all out of EXCITEMENT.

I was so excited about this salvation that I wanted the world to know about it and accept it for themselves too. I am assuming that we all passed through this stage. It is a  good place to be but there is something lacking. And because something vital is lacking, in no time at all the excitement starts dying till you kinda stop completely. But it doesn’t end there, there is another level.

Coming to the realisation that you owe God big. The excitement may have died down, but your spiritual growth didn’t. At some point you realize that God didn’t have to send His Son for you. You are still sinful yet He continues to shower you with love. At this stage you start reckoning, “God truly loves me, I don’t deserve it, yet He loves me. I have to do His work wholeheartedly.” This is a higher and more fulfilling level in our service to God. But still something is lacking. At this stage you serve God out of a guilty conscience, out of ‘your love’ for Him. You’re doing God’s work because you feel unworthy of His love and so you must do something earn it. It is all an act to ease your conscience.

At this stage, you will almost do anything to defend God and to present Him the best way you can to the world. Some even go as far as playing God’s lawyer. We all know how lawyers get when they are desperate to prove their client’s innocence. This is where people devise ‘theories’ if they don’t have enough scripture knowledge to back up their claims about a great and powerfully loving God. Some will even go as far as cooking up testimonies. Remember Job’s friends? They meant well but God wasn’t at all pleased with them. Why? Because they did not present an accurate image of who He is.

Sadly, this is the place where most Christians are stuck. That is why people can be too tired to do God’s work. Why people can say things like, “I tried praising Him, gave my tithes and offerings but still it profited me nothing.” Yes we are serving God because we love Him, but our service is actually us doing God a favour. I favoured Him, He has to favour me in return because I used my abilities. That’s not how He wants it. God wants you to serve Him with His abilities.

When you get to serve God with His ability, Galatians 2:20 ceases to be just a verse in the Bible but your very life. Philippians 4:13, becomes more than just scripture. It becomes more than just a go-to verse when there is a huge task that’s bigger than you and you can’t carry it out on your own. At this stage your service isn’t based on your ability but God’s ability Himself. God Himself using His ability to do His work through you. But what is this ability of God?

It is the Holy Ghost. Jesus called Him the Father in Him doing His own work through Him (John 14:10). His Father spoke from heaven and people heard Him, so who was the Father within? Holy Spirit. Jesus couldn’t do a thing had it not been for the Holy Ghost. He is the only one who served God selflessly. Because He relied on the Holy Ghost, His service was free from all selfish intent.

The Holy Spirit is the ability of God, our enabler. Jesus’ last instruction to the disciples was for them to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Ghost had come to make them able to do the job (Acts 1:8). When He, Holy Ghost, finally enabled them 3000 souls were saved. 3000!! He knows exactly what needs to be done and how. All we need to do is allow Him to do His work.

Without the ministry of the Holy Ghost God Himself could not have used Jesus as effectively as He did. The Holy Spirit had to indwell Jesus so that God could influence and inspire Jesus from within all the time (John 5:30). Paul said He is God Himself working in you to will and to do of His good pleasure (Phil 2:13), that’s exactly how He worked in and through Jesus. That is the same way He wants and has to work through us. Giving us the desire and ability to serve.

If Jesus had to rely on the Holy Ghost and God relies on Him too. What makes us think we can do God’s work without His Spirit? It’s okay to serve God out of our excitement and love. But it is superb to do it out of His excitement, love and ability. When our service is inspired and influenced by the Holy Ghost it is pure and free from all manner of selfishness and fear.

It is a pure service. The one that God requires. It’s this kind of service that’s gonna withstand trial by fire on the day of judgment. In part 2 I will show you why it is important for us to serve God by the power and ability of the Holy Ghost.


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  1. Isn’t that amazing! We can only truly serve Him, by relying on Him! We want to do more, be more, say more…but only He can do the work! How precious to be reminded it is ALL Him. We only need to obey. Thank you!

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