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The lights are off, but I feel someone in here. I don’t hear movement, but still, someone is in here. It is God, and His presence is strong. *lights turn on* There’s the pastor; it must be Sunday morning, My favorite day of the week! It’s when I get to experience so many emotions. It’s when people get healed spiritually by surrendering. Here come the members. They all keep going with their conversations in excitement. The band gets situated and begins to play music that starts with a medium tempo, slow enough to not scare anyone but fast enough to stimulate everyone’s body into motion to the beat.

Hands eventually rise up to the ceiling, to the King. Some start crying tears of joy and some, tears of redemption. After a few songs of this beautiful sight, everyone sits as the pastor goes up in front of everyone and opens the large book. As the holy words are spoken and discussed, I hear members respond with agreement and hope that it means something for their life. Oh how I wish I could tell them it does mean something. I’ve seen it happen with so many others. They will see. I just know, they will see.

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