How to Serve God Right Part 2

Note: For you to get the most out of this post, please read the part one here. Here’s a few key points to look out for when you read the first part:

  • The Holy Spirit is our enabler, He gives us the ability to do God’s work effectively and efficiently. He knows what we need to do, how, where, why and with who.
  • It is impossible to serve God right without the Holy Spirit. Without Him our service to God, no matter how good, can not live up to His standards.
  • The Holy Spirit helps us to serve God without selfish intent. He searches our thoughts and intents.

Our service to God is simply us taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. For that one only needs knowledge of the Gospel right? It’s a no brainer. So what’s with all this Holy Spirit stuff that I’m trying to feed you? Everything. Let’s explore together.

I love the first epistle of St. John. He opens it with deep conviction. Boldly proclaiming, “what we are presenting to you is the Word of Life that we gazed upon with our own eyes, heard with our ears and touched with our hands.” It’s his letter to the church, to us, so that we may enjoy the same fellowship with the apostles. He presents to us Jesus, the Word of Life. He does it with much certainty because He saw Him, spoke with and touched Him.

Our service to God is to do the same thing that John speaks of here, to present and proclaim Jesus. There’s only one problem, we never saw Him or touched Him (in the same way that John did).

However, we still have the same mandate of holding out to the world the Word of Life and offering them an opportunity to know Jesus Christ. How are we to make Him known to the people effectively if we don’t know Him? Not to mention that when He was here we were not. Have you ever had someone ask you how you can be sure that Jesus is real when you didn’t even see Him?

That is where all of ministry hinges, presenting Jesus to the world, making Him known by all people. Jesus is the reason God leads people to you. Every Christian must have this knowledge that Jesus is why you have such influence as you have, wherever you are. And to those praying for more members in their ministries, more followers or anything like that, know that God will only bring them when there’s enough of Jesus in you to present to them.

Jesus Christ understood this very well. In John 17 He talks about how He made God known to all the people He was given. He says, “I have revealed Your name, Your character, Your very self to them and I have entrusted them to Your Word.” In another verse He says, “I have made Your Name known to them.” God’s Name not His own, as powerful as it is. His mandate was to make the name of the One who sent Him known. As the Father sent Him, Jesus sent us in the same way. We have the mandate to make the One who sent us known, not ourselves. What a privilege we have!

One might argue that it was easy for Jesus because He was with the Father from the beginning. Yes. But let’s not forget that He said all that He did, was by the help and agency of the Father in Him, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was sent here as allos parakletos, another one of the same kind. Same kind as who? As Jesus. In the same way that Jesus assisted the disciples, the Holy Spirit is here to help and aid us. If we allow Him, the Holy Ghost will create in us the character of Jesus. Such that when we go out into the world to preach and proclaim Him, the people we’re sent to will know and understand without a doubt, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Scripture says the Holy Spirit went with the apostles, confirming their words. As we speak on the outside, He will be confirming the word in the spirits of our hearers.

God is always directing people to that person who has the character of Jesus vitally formed in them. Because through such people He can love and express Himself to the world effectively. Never think for a second that you will attract sinners by fancy clothes or stage works, your fluent accent in a foreign language or any of that. They come for Jesus. God brings them to you for Jesus.

Legally we all have the character of Christ by virtue of us being born again. But in some it has become vital, it is in manifestation. To such people God will lead thousands if not millions. Of course anyone can have a huge following, but on God’s principles it’s all because of Jesus. Not fancy gimmicks.

I have nothing against fancy or decent looking things in the kingdom, I paid good money to make Rutiziro look the way it does. But that’s not why you’re here is it? You’re here for the authentic message of Christ that’s found on Rutiziro. Not because I’m so good at Bible study, but the Holy Ghost works tirelessly to inspire me with the vision and you with the desire to read and sometimes like, share or comment. All you need to do is let Him do His work.

I’d really love to read about how the Holy Ghost has affected your life and how He’s impacting others through you in the comments. Please consider leaving a comment.

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