All He Wants is Intimacy

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It was Valentine’s Day last Sunday and most couples were excited and some singles depressed lol. Someone sent me a text, asking if people ever think about or prepare for Judgment Day in the same way they do for V-Day? I felt really challenged.

So while thinking about judgment day, I was reminded of the Words that Jesus spoke in Matthew 7:23.

But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.'(NLT)

Studying and meditating on this verse for the greater part of this week has led me to ask myself some serious questions.

Does Jesus know me? Really know me?
Do I know Him? Or I just know about Him?
What does it mean for Jesus to know me?
I’m serving Him alright, but deep inside whose glory am I seeking?

In my quest to find answers, I recalled that in Genesis it says Adam knew his wife Eve and they had a son. He knew her again and they had another son. In today’s plain English, Adam had sexual intercourse with his wife. A closer look at the relationship between the first couple shows us that it wasn’t just intercourse. Adam was intensely in love with Eve, first time he saw her he proclaimed, now this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. I patiently wait for that day, dear future wife. Lol.

The point here is that where the bible says Adam knew his wife, it actually means that they made love. Even though I’ve never made love, one thing I know is that it is the highest form of intimacy between two people who love each other deeply. So when Christ says I never knew you, He’s saying I was never intimate with you.

What really gets to me in the words of Jesus is that these are words that He will speak to His servants. These are people who cast out demons, prophesied and performed great wonders in His Name. Yet He wasn’t in it all. It wasn’t for His glory. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to devote my life to serving God only to receive the report that Jesus never knew me. To what purpose would such a waste be?

It may seem to some as though Jesus gave these people a raw deal, but that’s not the case. Jesus is interested in is knowing us, intimately. Yes we must cast devils out, prophecy, preach, teach and serve in church. That is all commendable but that’s not all that Jesus wants from us. He wants intimacy. He wants friendship. He wants a partnership, a fellowship, a sharing together. At one point Jesus told the disciples that they were no longer slaves because He told them everything. He was completely open with them. I have discovered that the best way to measure how much someone values you is by looking at how much they’re willing to let you know about themselves.

When I value a friendship, I wanna share with the other person as much about me as possible. In the same way, I want them to be as open with me as they can. The fact that Jesus told us everything is testimony to how much He values us. When you value someone at this level, you wanna spend time with them every chance you get. You never get tired of being intimate with them. That is what Jesus wants to share with us, the kind of intimacy that creates an everlasting bond that’s not to be broken easily. Because we’ll be spending eternity together.

You see the thing with intimacy is that you can never be intimate with someone by studying what they do when they’re intimate with someone. Or by listening to stories of their intimate encounters with someone else. You have to experience it with them first hand, for yourself. The two of you together. It is sad that most Christians today only know of intimacy with Christ from what the pastor said. Or from what they read in a book, accounts of what intimacy with Christ felt like and produced for someone else. So even though they prophesy, cast out devils and stuff, that intimacy with the One who does the work isn’t there at all. This is what’s gonna attract those harsh words from the Master’s mouth on the day of judgment.

So how do you develop intimacy with Jesus? The same way you develop it with your friends, loved ones and bae (can’t believe I just used that in a blog post). There’s only one rule of thumb: be intentional about it. It does not happen by accident. Set aside time for you and your loved One, this is special time between you two, you’ll want to forget the whole world exists. So what do you do? Get rid of all distractions, starting with switching off your phone and putting it away.

What you do during this time is entirely up to the two of you. I will tell you this one thing though, when your loved One, Jesus, speaks take note of what He says. Act on His instruction with haste. You’ll be like the guy who built his house on solid rock. Your house will forever stand!

It is during this time of intimacy that you get to learn from Jesus exactly what He wants and expects from you. He will give you specific instructions that are specifically tailored for you.

I wish you the best in building intimacy with Christ. I’m super excited for what the future holds for you too!


4 Comments on All He Wants is Intimacy

  1. That got me thinking. Although as far as I can remember it, I don’t give a big deal with Vday even then, people are preparing for it like it’s a big celebration.

    But how about judgment day? We take that for granted. We better be prepared.

    • Right? Vday is really just another day but the one day that really matters no one seems to care about. It is also my prayer that we be prepared. May God help us prepare others through our writings too.

  2. It can be as simple as holding their hand. When we are that near to our spouse, it can be natural to reach out and hold their hand. We could easily translate that to walking near to God, holding on to Him as if holding His hand..Father and child…

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