The Light of the World

March 26, 2016 2

I can’t believe that March is almost gone! It seems like just a couple of days ago we were starting this Revealing Jesus series. Now we are concluding with a focus on Christ the Light […]

Christ In Us

March 19, 2016 1

The identity crisis is probably the biggest crisis and challenge that most Christians struggle with. Something that can easily be solved by receiving the revelation of Christ in us. I pray this post will help […]

The Weapon Of Mass Instruction

March 19, 2016 1

If you were to describe the word of God as a weapon, which phrase would you use? Most probably not ‘weapon of mass instruction’, well that’s exactly how our guest thinks of the word. A mighty weapon of […]

Unleash your brand experience

March 15, 2016 0

I love Seth Godin, he is the ultimate guru when it comes to all things branding and marketing but as much as I love picking his brain, I don’t fully agree with this quote. The […]

The Perfect Sacrifice for Sin

March 9, 2016 6

The world has and will never understand Christianity. When we preach that Jesus Christ is the one and only true way to God, they accuse us for promoting elitism. Far be it from us to […]

Young, Fearless & Bold

March 4, 2016 0

The Bible has got so many people who started doing great exploits for the kingdom when they were young. A few weeks ago I stumbled into one such character, except he isn’t a distant Bible […]

Doing Business God’s Way

March 2, 2016 0

The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him-Psalm 37:23 I just love this verse, it’s been on my heart of late. Well actually after I heard this amazing story a […]

Revealing Jesus: The Gateway

March 1, 2016 2

Hello friends! Welcome to the month of March. I’m really excited about this month, it is not my birth month, but the Lord has made it really special. I’m calling it a month to focus […]