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Christ in us

The identity crisis is probably the biggest crisis and challenge that most Christians struggle with. Something that can easily be solved by receiving the revelation of Christ in us. I pray this post will help us with that to a greater degree.

In last week’s post, I highlighted the lengths to which God went to take sin out of us forever. Although God is perfect love, He hates sin passionately. Yet He found pleasure in making Jesus who knew no sin become sin itself. Going to all that trouble so we could be saved from sin?! I don’t know about you but to me that seems like too great a price to pay.

If God’s ultimate plan was to take us out of sin and drive sin from us, then surely He paid too great a price. It wasn’t worth it!

For the longest time, we have believed that salvation is all about being saved from sin and snatched out of the devil’s grip. True that’s what happened but that’s not all. Being taken out of sin was merely a means to an end. God did not take us out of sin for the sake of taking us out. He took us out to bring us in – into a union with Christ. A fellowship, a oneness, a sharing together with Him in Christ. We are now in fellowship with Him through Christ living in us.

Galatians 2:20 brings it out beautifully for us. We died on the cross with Christ and the life we live now is not actually us but Jesus Himself living. This is how I like to put it, “what’s left of the old Lawrence is a lifeless body. It lives now because Christ lives through it.”

Christ in us is the wisdom with which we make all the decisions that we need to make for kingdom advancement. Scripture tells us He was made unto us wisdom. He is the embodiment of wisdom in us.1 Corinthians 1:30

Christ in us is the love of the Father shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The love with which we relate with everyone that God has placed in our paths. We don’t have to try to conjure love to love people, it comes naturally to us through Christ in us. Romans 5:5

Christ in us is the efficiency with which we carry out the task before us. The task of evangelising the whole world. Talking about the Holy Ghost, Jesus said He shall take of mine and give to you. Jesus was precision and efficient in His ways. That precision and efficiency is what the Holy Ghost took and gave to us. John16:14

Christ in us is our confidence that God has endorsed us. That He is pleased with our service. We don’t have to go around looking for endorsement and affirmation from mere mortals. We have Heaven’s seal of approval through Christ Jesus. John 6:27

Christ in us is our hope of Glory! He is the one who qualifies us for all things. It is my prayer that we all receive to this revelation that we can actually do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Colossians 1:27

May we come to understand and appreciate the truth that He has fully and thoroughly furnished us for all things.

I wanna invite you to take part in the Rutiziro Christ In Me Challenge. It is a very easy challenge but with great rewards. it works like this,

  1. Search the Bible for a scripture that talks about who and what Christ is in us.
  2. Meditate on that verse or verses, allowing it to become one with your spirit.
  3. Give authority to the revelation you receive by affirming it through your mouth.
  4. Share what you learn with at least one person and nominate them or someone else to also take part in the challenge. (Nominate one new person everyday)

If you do this faithfully, the world isn’t ready for the glory that’s about to be revealed in you. Our main goal is to cover the earth with the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. To do that, we must share everything that we learn from scripture.

So we will each have 21 Days of study and meditation.
At least 21 scriptures in your spirit after completing the challenge.
21 people receiving a divine revelation of Christ. Just imagine the ripple effect that this is going to have.

For those of us participating in the challenge on social media, let’s stay in touch with this hashtag #ChristInMeChallenge.

Let us saturate social media with divine revelations of Jesus Christ in us. When we share Christ like this, souls will surely be saved!


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