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In the world we live in today, most of what we see and hear is SEX, SEX, SEX. Music videos have girls naked showing off their stuff, songs have words that degrade the value of what is deemed pure. What has the world come to? Having a 13 year old niece who is enchanted by the trendy music and the catchy choruses, it’s hard to try help her see what she should really see. Now, imagine the 4year olds and 2year olds. What will they see when they grow up?
God has called us to be pure in many things, but how do we stay pure in this world? Most people believe being secluded and isolated from the world is the best answer, but is it really? As Christians, we have not been commissioned to be islands of purity and righteousness, but we were commissioned to “GO OUT INTO THE WORLD”, that’s what Jesus said. We should be setting examples for the world and be the standard as according to Jesus’ standard. As a growing Christian, I always thought I should be a Paul, be ALL things to all men. That is, having my world heavily influenced by the music, books and movies that everyone is being crazy about. I did not see that my mind was being corrupted by the imaginary phrases of influence I thought I was going to impact on the world with.

Purity is not an awful thing; it’s actually special, very special. Click To Tweet
Purity is not an awful thing; it’s actually special, very special. As human beings in general, our need for love has clouded us to Christ’s love as we continually seek for substitutes from other things and other people. Our love should be utterly devoted to Christ and His righteousness, we should know that it’s through Him that purity has been given to us and intimacy with Him is the best love there is as it’s pure and ineffable in many ways.
“Things of the dark are attracted to the dark, and things of the light are attracted to the light. If you are born-again and still being attracted by things of the dark check your origin”-Ps. At Boshoff
That quote rings in my head more times than I could ever imagine. I am not perfect or that pure but I’m saying if you know yourself and you get to hear this first, you might get offended but what is true is true. Purity should be a something we pursue vigorously and should be practiced and protected from being tainted by what could lead us to darkness.
Purity is part of God’s package to us, He wants us to be pure so that we can enjoy all the things He blesses us with. If we are pure in our thoughts, He rewards us with wisdom which He plants in our hearts and mind. So it makes sense that Jesus would say, “Seek ye the kingdom of God first and all things shall be added unto you.”
So you ask how do we lead our lives in purity? Well it’s quite simple. Firstly concentrate your life with God, what you read, what you think about and what you want should be what He wants. His presence has a way of renewing and refreshing all that was to being what He made us for.
Then bath every day, not the actual body- but that should also be done as well, but more importantly, bath your thoughts, your words and your heart through the Word of God. Listen to His men and women, study His word and follow it as in Joshua 1:8.
Be filled with the Holy Spirit who will keep you in check all the time. He was sent to be our helper so he also guides us to do what is right.
Have accountable relationships, your spiritual parents and family, your partner etc., let them also have the same mind as you. Stretch for purity and all will be good.
Influence your world by being Jesus’ standard even to the principle of purity, and remember God calls us to a life of purity because He knows we can handle it. So when the going gets tough, you keep on keeping on.
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Lucy Afua Darkoah Leshomo is a 3rd year BSc Hons. in Computing at Botho University Gaborone Campus in Botswana. She is a poet and also an academic and creative writer. Lucy is also a literature addict, and has a passion for history and appreciate all forms of art.

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