Soul Winners, God’s Gift to the World

Have you ever noticed the war among us Christian folk over who should have which title (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher), what they should accomplish and what not? Does it really matter if one isn’t a soul winner?

Title or not, at the end of the day what God wants to know is, what you do with the investment He made in you? Did you bless the world to the best of the ability which He gave you? How much return on investment will God get for investing in you?

Last week we touched on the subject of renewing our minds which is our minds receiving new ideals and attitude. As we close, it is best for us to look at the attitude that we ought to have towards those people who are in the world, the lost sheep.

Jesus told a story in Matthew 18:12 about a man who had 100 sheep and lost one of them. The funny thing about this man is that he didn’t put all his effort in making sure none of the 99 got lost again. Which was the logical thing to do. He left the 99 to go look for the one which was lost.

 Let this mind-set be yours which was Christ’s first, “I came to save that which is lost.”

Not that the 99 were worthless. He loved them as much as the lost one, but they were safe. The thought of a lost sheep didn’t sit well with him. He loved it so much he risked everything to save it from the horrors that awaited it out in the wild.

When he finally found it, he rejoiced greatly! He rejoiced more over the recovery of that lost one than he did for retaining the 99 that never strayed.

That is the heart of God for sinners. It breaks His heart to see anyone go to hell. But what does this have to do with the gifts I was talking about? I’ll show you.

Ephesians 4:11-12 tells us that these are the gifts that Christ gave to the church. He gave them for the perfecting and full equipping of the saints, and for their edification, building up.

It specifically says that those 5 offices are Christ’s gifts to His Body. No assumptions there. Question, if they’re gifts to the church what’s His gift to the lost? The story of the lost sheep demonstrates how deeply the Father loves the lost. And it’s common knowledge that love gives. So what is His gift to the lost?

It is the soul winner. And who occupies the office of soul winner? Everyone who’s in love with Jesus. Because He said if you love me you will do my commandments, and He commanded us to Go ye therefore into all the world and preach.

He isn’t expecting us all to be pastors, evangelists or prophets etc. He is depending on all of us to be soul winners. He is depending on each one of us to carry the message of the gospel of Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth.

He does expect us to win lost souls for Him. But that’s not all, the scarier truth is; in all His majesty and power, He is depending on us to express His deep love to the world. Does that make Him weak? Banish that thought! It makes Him the Most gracious and wonderful of all.

He is love personified, yet instead of showing the love directly Himself, He says to His representatives, “I trust you to do a great job of showing my love to mankind.” Can you see what an honour it is to be a soul winner?

To be an extension of God’s love to the people who are in the clutches of the devil’s hatred and victims of his passion for destruction?

To be the ray of hope to a people that are in a world that’s riddled with hopelessness?

To be the bearer of Good News to the poor, the deliverer of sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, glad tidings to those in prison?

Oh what an honour and privilege it is to win the world for God!
Great is the man or woman who will hold up the light of God’s Word for the world to see the way to the One who can solve their problems.

When I started out in ministry, I was so concerned about knowing which office God had called me into. People never took me seriously at first, some thought it was just a phase which would pass.
Years later they started recognizing this wasn’t just a phase, it was serious. The recognition felt great I will admit. I have since been called prophet, evangelist, pastor, man of God and some even call me apostle-prophet. True story, lol. I’m not thrilled by all the titles, but it does feel nice.

I don’t get much gratification from all this it’s just something that I smile about when it happens then I forget it in the next breath. I have no problem with people making me their ‘man of God’ because it doesn’t influence what I’m striving for in any way.

Which is to be God’s man. To be seen by God as His man, the one He can count, depend and rely on. I am striving to be that man who will stop at nothing to take this message of Christ where He needs it taken.
Because I understand this, it is possible to be people’s prophet, apostle, pastor or teacher. It is all pointless if God can not depend on you to do what needs to be done. And what God needs is a person who will go to search for that one lost sheep.

Bear in mind this sheep is lost, in the wild. There is a huge chance that when you get there, you wont be celebrated like they celebrate you when you take the podium at church. But if you find that one which is lost and you bring it back in, it is the whole of heaven that throws a party to celebrate the victory with you.

It is sad that Christians fight over who should have which title and what qualifications they should have. That’s all a waste of time people. Let people add the titles they want to add to their names. What really matters is whether or not you’re on God’s agenda to find the lost sheep? If you’re not, then get your act together and join the search.

This is one search party that we need to be fully committed to with our all. Time is fast running out and unfortunately more time isn’t going to be given to us. The date for Christ’s return is fixed and we must save as many people as we can before He comes back.

Finally, as we say goodbye to #ThinkOnTheseThings 2016, let this mind-set be yours which was Christ’s first, “I came to save that which is lost.”

See you in July.


6 Comments on Soul Winners, God’s Gift to the World

  1. Am so blessed reading your article. Like you said, we must leave title and get our acts together. Go out and find lost sheep. The one thing that annoys me is when the house of God is reduced to a house of politics and position holding. We forget that titles are no guarantee of ease access into God’s Kingdom.God bless you! 😄👌

  2. Christian Greetings Lawrence. Appreciate your post. My sidebar would be not so much about titles as you pointed out but I do notice a fair number of those the church who continuously address a woman or man who may be twice their age and elders as sister …or brother …if they do not perhaps go carry or go by their title. I Timothy 5: 1, 2 speaks of intreating aged men as father and aged women as mothers. So it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual. Shalom.

    • Greetings to you too L Johnson. Thank you so much for reading. That is a really insightful observation you’ve made right there. Personally I’ve always found it really difficult to address my elders as brother or sister, it’s just not right for me. Thank for that comment.

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