Look at God! The writer’s block was a blessing!

Writer’s block; the condition of being unable to think of how to write or how to proceed with writing. This pretty much sums up July 2016 for me. In all my humble years as a writer/blogger, this was my worst bout with writer’s block.

I knew what I wanted to write about, I had the desire and will to write. But I just couldn’t put the words on paper or on screen, whichever floats your boat. It was frustrating, I won’t lie. Think sleep paralysis lol. You know you’ve got to move, everything in you wants to move. But you just can’t! That’s where I was.

In retrospect I see how it was a blessing. I had time to touch base with family and friends. Of course I won’t tell you that it also gave me time to catch up on Suits and a few others I’d neglected lol.

But most importantly, it gave me time to meditate and reflect on a lot of things. Now it seems like I don’t have enough time to write it all. Look at God! I want to share with you one thought that was constantly on my mind while I was away.

Have you ever noticed how when the Word of God begins to affect your mental processes, to the world you start appearing to be naïve? Or like you’re delusional or living in denial? For instance, when we say we can do all things through Christ. That means we can not fail at anything that we do through Christ. We are simply saying failure is never an option for us. There is just no way for us to fail.

Satan only has enough power in your life as your ignorance of God's truth allows him to have. Click To Tweet

But failure is real. We see people failing all the time. Heck we’ve even failed a few times ourselves! So what’s this talk now of no failure through Christ? Isn’t that tantamount to living in denial? Doesn’t it simply prove to the world that Christianity is a religion of make-believe? They think we’re crazy already when we don’t talk like that, are we going to validate their thoughts by such talk? No to all questions, we’re just stating spiritual facts.

The thing is, when we think, speak and act like failure is foreign to us we aren’t being naïve. We are actually aware of the devil and all his plans to stun our plans for growth. We know of his little demons that are constantly working against us. But we just choose not to focus on them.

While the devil and failure are real and all, we simply choose to focus our attention on the mighty power of heaven and the matchless ability of God that works 24/7 to give us the advantage in everything. Every single thing that we touch!

As this thought was coursing my mind I was reminded of the story of Elisha and his servant in 2 Kings 6. They woke up to find themselves surrounded by the Syrian army. When the servant panicked Elisha didn’t lose his composure. He simply ordered him to fear not, for those that were with them greatly outnumbered those that were with the Syrian army.

Elisha answered, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2 Kings 6:16)

The principle here applies to your success, protection, health, prosperity or anything that Satan tries to attack in your life. God’s ability to give you an advantage is greater, mightier and more superior than Satan’s power working against you.

That is my mentality now! I never have to pay attention to what Satan is doing. The devil will be the devil, full of antics and silly games like the small boy that he is. God has made us too big to pay attention to what Satan does.

Someone rightly said, “God never sleeps nor slumbers protecting me. There’s no point in the two of us staying awake because I’m scared of something. I will sleep peacefully, God’s got me.” That is wonderful!

If Elisha, who lived in the Old Testament, could maintain his composure in the face of grave danger; How much more shall we? He never got to read that part where Jesus said I give you authority over all the power of the enemy. Nor when He said all power in heaven and on earth has been given to me and I’m giving it to you. Simply put, Jesus said, “Go and enjoy life in the world. Enjoy as much as you can handle. Do not worry about the devil, he’s a small boy. When he shows up, do with him as you please. Tell others about this and help them enjoy too.”

I never have to pay attention to what Satan is doing. Click To Tweet

There is absolutely no reason for us to be fasting and praying hard against the devil. We just cast him out and resist him. He knows his place. He is mechanized to flee when resisted. Just like a little shy boy with a crush.

The bible tells us exactly how to deal with him. Nowhere in the New Testament are we instructed to organize fasts and serious prayers against the devil. He is just not worth all that attention!

Satan only has enough power in your life as your ignorance of God’s truth allows him to have. Search the scriptures and find out what they say about who you are. I long to see the day when Christians don’t fear the devil more than they fear God.


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