Living with the Heart and Attitude of a Servant


God’s instruction to Joshua after Moses’ death specially blesses me. He instructed the man to meditate on the Word in order for him to attain good and remarkable success. For this reason I love meditating on the Word, I want to make my way as successful as I can make it.

When you take time to meditate on the word, God has this way of revealing things in the scriptures that will beautifully mess you up. It happened to me a few weeks ago as I was meditating on John 3:16.

I was thoroughly enjoying the love that God showed us in Jesus when a sobering revelation came to mind. That in the same way that God so loved us and gave us Christ; He also loved the world and gave them us – you and I, so that whoever believes in Christ through hearing our testimony may receive eternal life.

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I totally understand if this sounds heretic to you or seems like mere braggadocio. That is exactly how I reacted. I thought I was getting too close to the levels of pride that got Satan kicked out of heaven. I mean, wouldn’t you be puffed up if you knew God so loved people in the world and blessed them with your existence? Think of all the wonderful people in your life, your role models and everything they’ve accomplished, God loved them and placed you in their lives. Who wouldn’t be prideful?

Surprisingly, the answer is no one. When I thought more about this, I came to the understanding that God sending me into the world because He loves people doesn’t mean I am too special than they are. It means they are special to Him and I’m just the person He chooses to love them through. With that knowledge, I can remove my focus from myself and put it on the people God wants to love through me.

This brings to mind Galatians 2:20, it is no longer I who lives but Christ. What does Christ do? He laid down His life for His friends. So now I know my life is not about me, what I want, how I prefer things to turn out for me or whatever makes me happy. It is about others – what makes them happy and what improves their lives to make them live their best for God. Just like someone else’s life isn’t about them but about me. That is how God designed it.

If all this is true, which it is, it means everyone is blessed when they come into contact with me. Blessed because when they meet me they meet Christ. Blessed because they will know and understand what it means to be loved by Jesus and accepted for who they are regardless of their past mistakes or whatever they can or can’t do.

Not such a glamorous thing to be puffed up about now, is it? It’s not so glamorous because it doesn’t make you the boss of people or someone they want to exalt, at least not the majority of them. It makes you the lowest of them all – their servant.

But only Jesus can love people like that.” you might be thinking. You’re absolutely right! And for that reason there is need for us all to be fully dependant on Him and the ability of the Holy Spirit to be excellent in this. It is not by our might nor by our power that we are able to do this, it is all by the Spirit and His enablement. The Bible teaches us that the love of Christ has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. For what purpose do you think He filled us with His love?

You got that right, so He can love others in the same way He loved us.

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For the longest time I never understood why some people, not only think they can but actually, walk in and out of my life at will. I’ve tried to keep them out once they walk out but doing that is always more difficult than to just welcome them back in. I used to think this is because I have little to no sense of self-worth but now I know better. It is God’s choice for my life, serving others. I used to complain about it and sometimes get angry at people for that, but as a loving Father, God has been patient with me through it all. He keeps encouraging me each and every day and I’ve not only made peace with this, I am learning to enjoy it.

Maybe in your life you feel like people only use you when it suits them, or you feel like you’re always being kind to people who don’t deserve it, or you’re simply good to people who have no intention to ever be good to you. Don’t be discouraged. It is all working out for your good.

Please note, what I’m sharing with you here isn’t to encourage you to become people’s doormat. My aim is to urge you to not withhold good to someone when it is in your power to do good (Proverbs 3:27). If you can’t help them you can’t. No one can hold that against you.

If whatever you are doing is good for God and good for people, you’re on the right track. Keep doing it! In due season you’ll be rewarded for your labour of love.


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