The Personality of the Word

May 26, 2016 2

One of my favourite books in the bible is the book of John. I’m moved by the message that He communicates to us in verse 1. For me it communicates that the Word of God […]

The Light of the World

March 26, 2016 2

I can’t believe that March is almost gone! It seems like just a couple of days ago we were starting this Revealing Jesus series. Now we are concluding with a focus on Christ the Light […]

Christ In Us

March 19, 2016 1

The identity crisis is probably the biggest crisis and challenge that most Christians struggle with. Something that can easily be solved by receiving the revelation of Christ in us. I pray this post will help […]

Love Doesn’t Just Walk Away

February 22, 2016 6

Ain’t it amazing that just a few months after the murder of Jesus Christ for preaching the authentic way of life, His disciples were performing great miracles by simply using His name? There is a […]

All He Wants is Intimacy

February 19, 2016 4

It was Valentine’s Day last Sunday and most couples were excited and some singles depressed lol. Someone sent me a text, asking if people ever think about or prepare for Judgment Day in the same […]

The Art Of Creating By Words

January 22, 2016 0

Everything that we see and hear was made out of words which are not seen. God spoke and creation responded. Including us, our whole beings were created by His words. Scriptures teach us that Jesus […]