Living with the Heart and Attitude of a Servant

June 5, 2017 0

God’s instruction to Joshua after Moses’ death specially blesses me. He instructed the man to meditate on the Word in order for him to attain good and remarkable success. For this reason I love meditating on […]

You’re too beautiful to bear bad news

December 19, 2016 1

I want to share with you something that Holy Spirit has been teaching me of late. This is something that He started last year. I believe now He is bringing that work to completion. Just […]

The Personality of the Word

May 26, 2016 2

One of my favourite books in the bible is the book of John. I’m moved by the message that He communicates to us in verse 1. For me it communicates that the Word of God […]

“I Will Build My Church” -Jesus

May 18, 2016 0

“God needs me as much as I need Him.” -T.L. Osborn Jesus was a profound speaker who spoke deep truths with simplicity. Take for example when He said, “I will build My church.” Sometimes in […]

How to Serve God Right Part 2

February 9, 2016 3

Note: For you to get the most out of this post, please read the part one here. Here’s a few key points to look out for when you read the first part: The Holy Spirit […]

How to Serve God Right

February 2, 2016 8

Remember the day(s), weeks or months you got born again? Those days when you realized how hugely precious salvation was? I remember those days like it was only yesterday. I was so eager to share […]