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Hi there,

My name is Lawrence, I want to thank personally and welcome you to Rutiziro Magazine, feel at home here. This is our home as much as it is yours.

After noticing, with grave concern, the amount of erroneous teaching about Christianity making the rounds on the web, I realized the need for a place of safety for Christians. A safe haven for you to get accurate information to help “understand with certainty and security against error the accounts and doctrines of the Christian faith.” Luke 1:4 (AMP).
The Christian faith is a life of displaying the excellence of Christ in us. The greatest obstacle to living this life is wrong believing resulting from erroneous teachings. My greatest desire is to see all of God’s children living excellently. It is from this desire that Rutiziro Magazine was birthed. Rutiziro (pronounced roo-ti-zee-ro) is a Shona word meaning place of safety.

The wisdom of God is multi faceted. Rutiziro is built on that principle, it uses fashion, business, sport, music, poetry, art to communicate and make obvious God’s wisdom concerning all things.

Though we are called Rutiziro Magazine, we are more than just a magazine. We ae a community and like any other community, this is not a one person show. Your contribution, no matter how seemingly small, is critical to our success and growth.
I may be the visionary behind Rutiziro Magazine, but it’s not just about me. It’s about you and me becoming us to complete God’s purpose for which our paths have crossed.
Once again, thank you and welcome to Rutiziro Magazine, your online home for all things authentic.

With love,


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